About Paraclete

Our Values

Servant Leadership

We demonstrate the highest standard of excellence and Integrity as we show the love of Christ expecting nothing in return.


We exemplify the very best of the finest traditions of the agencies we serve, while representing the very character and calling of Christ.

Christ Like Integrity

To all people; We lead by example, serve with humility, minister with compassion, act in love, show mercy, and speak the truth in love.

The Need

There has never been a greater need for Servant Leadership that provides Chaplaincy Presence, Pastoral Support, Professional Services, Community and Faithbased partnerships that come alongside our Law Enforcement professionals, their families, and those that serve their agencies.

The Demand

. The demands, expectations, and stresses have never been higher on our Law Enforcement professionals, their families and the civilians that support them.

The Resources

The resources to provide professional services, preventative coaching, life coaching, leadership training, values reinforcement, positive recognition, and encouragement have never been lower and in some cases nonexistent.

The Chaplain

Currently there are few Christian organizations dedicated to and engaged in serving the Law Enforcement Community outside of individual volunteer department Chaplains who do an exceptional job, but they are limited by their full time responsibilities. The number of Trained and Available Chaplains has dwindled to all time low.

The Toll

Police Officers continue to face the highest statistics for: Divorce, Suicide, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Stress related illness, disease and disorders, and the quickly rising rate of Post Traumatic Stress.

The Threat

Police Officers are under constant threats to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health: Death, Health Risks, Legal action, Negative Public Image, Isolationism, Disillusionment, Family conflict and Financial pressures.

The Education

The need has never been greater for Continuing and Preventative Education, Life Fulfillment Coaching, Recognition, Appreciation, Personal Health, Integrity, Self Awareness, Self Discipline, Financial Stewardship, Marriage and Family Enrichment

The Confidentiality

Perhaps most important, all Law Enforcement Professionals need a safe place to address professional, private, personal and spiritual issues without fear of repercussions. PARACLETE Chaplains enjoy the protection of the Clergy-Penitent Privilege, assuring the highest level of confidentiality.

Founder and Executive Director Bob Fesmire

25 years of Professional Pastoral and Leadership experience in multiple Churches with a weekend attendance of 150 to over 22,000.

Over 20 years of volunteer service to Law Enforcement

Proven positive Community engagement and service through 8000 people, led by 1100 volunteer community leaders, and 530 Community groups serving the entire Valley of the Sun.

Over 20 years of Public Speaking, Leadership Development, Leadership Training, seminars and conferences nationally and internationally including leadership development in India, Liberia, and Swaziland.

Over the last 7 years serving the Law Enforcement Agencies of the valley for Graduations, Family Days, Community engagement and Line of Duty Funerals.

A profound love, respect, and service to Law Enforcement, their families, and the professionals, volunteers and retirees serving their agencies.

Married for 32 years to his high-school sweetheart, Bob and Jennifer have 4 daughters, two son-in-laws, and 5 grand children.