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Very few people can be available full time to our Police and their families.  Few can meet the background, educational, and professional requirements to become a Chaplain with a Police Department and even fewer will have the access to serve our Police in the way that PARACLETE does, through your financial support.

Here are just a few of the incredible moments our supporters have made possible:

A veteran Police Officer is quietly struggling with his profession and is ready to quit, after all, he continues to encounter extreme situations of violence and tragedy, the media paints his profession as nothing more than a bunch of thugs, and appreciation is rarely heard.  He wants to ask someone some very deep and thoughtful questions, but who?  That very week I was able to show up in his briefing and available to spend the entire shift along side him, reminding him of his calling, the good that he does, the calling he has on his life, how special he is for being able and willing to do this job, and that he is deeply appreciated and making a difference.  You Make this possible every time you give to the full time Chaplaincy Presence that only PARACLETE provides.

As a Full-time Chaplain I am able to ride with officers with no agenda other than build relationships,  already on the street, a call comes out of a child not breathing.  I respond with the many officers rushing to help.  The Officers heroically try and save the child, but they can not – the child has died, in their hands. An investigation must be completed, interviews with parents, and a report must be taken.  Because of the support of people like you, I am present and can also address the emotional and spiritual toll that has deeply affected each of those on scene, especially the one who gave their best.  They are supported, cared for, ministered to, and followed up with all because your gift put a Chaplain on scene that provides Pastoral Support.

An Officer comes home to the news that his wife is leaving him and his world is torn apart.  He doesn’t know where to turn, but he still has to go to work, he shares his struggle with a fellow officer that has previously been served by PARACLETE, he hands him a number to call.  It doesn’t matter that it is 2am, his call is answered and by 3am, we are sitting together at an IHOP, the only place open that time of night.  Support of the officer, a plan for restoring the marriage, and weeks later there is new hope for the marriage as they make the necessary changes that save their marriage, protect their children from the pain of divorce, and find renewed happiness in each other.  You make this possible because of your support keeps our promise of “Anytime, Anywhere.”

Everything from Baby Dedications to Funerals, PARACLETE is always available and ready to serve.  Never have our officers needed this more.  Thank you for providing this ministry to those who Serve and Protect us.

I am often asked, “How are you able to do this?”  The answer is often overwhelming to our Officers and their families.  “I am here because there are people you have never met that care so much about you and your family, they make it possible for me to be available anytime, anywhere.”

December 7, 2015

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Very few people can be available full time to our Police and their families.  Few can meet the background, educational, and professional requirements to become a […]
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