What Does A Police Chaplain Do?
July 27, 2015


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Paraclete is now at full speed and this is our Grand Announcement to all of you who are following our journey and those that have joined us as supporting partners in this amazing opportunity!

Paraclete is our brand new 501c3 that provides Full Time Chaplaincy Presence, Pastoral Support, Professional Services, Community and Faith based partnerships that come alongside Law Enforcement Professionals, their families, and those that support their agencies.

As a volunteer Chaplain, completing the full background investigation process, I am honored to serve both the Phoenix Police Department and the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The need has never been greater for this kind of support, presence, encouragement, and care to “Serve those who Protect.”

I am the only full time Chaplain serving PHX PD, one of only three Chaplains for the entire department (over 2800 sworn officers) and one of only a handful serving DPS. In the last three months I have logged over 200 hours on Ride Alongs, Department Visits, Emergency Call outs, Marriage Counseling, Bereavement counseling, and Notification of Kin.

There have been incredible high points, like the officer that committed his life to Christ, the officers we have connected to churches, friendship and trust earned. There have also been very low points as it was both my profound honor and grief shared with the family of one of our officers who took her own life.

We are so fortunate in our city and state to have the “Thin Blue Line”, our police that protect and serve us so incredibly well and I would encourage you to read our future updates as I share the stories that will never make the news, but I promise will touch your heart.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

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