The Rest of the Story…

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November 3, 2015
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December 7, 2015

The Rest of the Story…


For Decades, Radio Personality Paul Harvey shared stories about well-known people or events with some key element of the story held back until the end.  He often left his listeners in awe because the information withheld completed the story in ways that would leave a lasting and inspiring effect on us, his listeners.

Sadly, today, our media doesn’t simply hold back information for a great finish, they never finish the story at all.  As we continue in this Holiday season of gratitude and sharing, please allow me share a few “Rest of the Story” moments about our Police that we can all be thankful for, inspired by, and that you will not read anywhere else.

News Story:  Residential burglary – Police responded to a Residential burglary in progress with the parents and two children hiding upstairs.  Suspect was taken into custody and no one was injured.

The Rest of the Story:  The responding Officers found stolen property on the suspect that included some of the children’s toys.  Understandably, the father did not want to return the toys to the children as a reminder of their ordeal.  The Officer on scene went to the store on their personal time the following day, bought replacement toys for the two children with their personal money, and then delivered them to the kids, spending extra time with them to let them know that they were safe, comforted and protected.  Now you know the Rest of the Story!

News Story:  Assault – Police responded to several juveniles fighting, when officers responded the juveniles were gone.  Police interviewed the victim but no arrest have been made.

The Rest of the Story:  The investigating officer discovered that the victim was himself consistently getting into trouble due to a lack of supervision and no resources for after school activities.  The Officer made a deal with the young man and his mother that if he could get him into some activities, he would promise to go, use his time wisely, and stay out of trouble.  With his own funds, the officer paid for a membership to the Boys and Girl’s Club located close to his home and then followed up regularly to make sure the boy was keeping his word and staying out of trouble.  A troubled youth now has something positive to do, a role model to look up to, and hope for a bright future.  Now you know the Rest of the Story!

News Story:  Attempted Suicide – Police responded to a man that had attempted suicide.  The man was transported without incident and is expected to live.

The Rest of the Story:  The officers were able to resuscitate the man, saving his life.  They followed him to the hospital and stayed with the family until he was stabilized.  During their conversations, the officers discovered that the man was depressed because of being disabled and could not find a job to provide for his family.  The Officers not only comforted the man and his family, they helped him find work.  Then, on a regular basis, would stop by the man’s home to check in on the family and the progress the man was making to the amazement and deep appreciation of his wife and kids.  Officers don’t just answer calls, they do more than save lives, they change them forever.  Now you know the Rest of the Story.

These are just a few stories I know of, there are so many more no one ever hears about.  I am so Thankful for the men and women who do so much more then protect property and life.  They protect and serve our very soul.  Thank you to all the men and women of Law Enforcement for all you do and your families for the sacrifices you make every day as you leave your family to serve and protect ours.

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