What People are Saying About PARACLETE

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September 2, 2015
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October 5, 2015

What People are Saying About PARACLETE

3.5"x2" Round Corner Template .25" Radius

3.5"x2" Round Corner Template .25" Radius

“I Would Have Never Made if Through…”

It is a privilege to share with you the lasting impact and service that Paraclete is engaging 24/7.  I hope these few testimonials will encourage you to join our adventure in “Serving Those Who Protect.”

(One of the most important aspects of Paraclete is our unwavering commitment to the highest level of confidentiality, and for that reason, we have left out the names of those whose life I am honored to come alongside.)

“I would have never made it through…”
“Your willingness to help me during an especially difficult time is something I’ll never forget.  It takes a very caring person to drop everything in the middle of a busy day, to come to the aid of a complete stranger let alone a police officer.  I still remember sitting there thinking to myself, “I’m the one that helps people”, officers don’t need or ask for help.  Truth of the matter is everyone needs help every now and again.  I’m glad that you found me.  Well sir I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, I would have never made it through this tough couple of months without your guidance.  No matter how crappy the day was even when I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel, all I had to do was send you a message and within minutes your words of kindness and wisdom had me back on my feet and moving forward.  You never quit caring about me and my family and for that i’m going to be in debt to you forever.  You truly changed my life.” — Police Officer

“…a great friend and confidant to our officers.”
“Over the past few months it has been my pleasure to have Chaplain Bob Fesmire accompany our law enforcement unit each Wednesday.  Chaplain Bob’s laid back non obtrusive approach towards getting to know the officers have made him a welcomed addition to our unit.  I have witnessed him cultivate friendships with even our most hesitant officers.  Bob seems to always have an encouraging thought to be shared during times of frustration.  It is abundantly evident that he supports our officers no matter what their religious background.  His open appreciation and understanding of our law enforcement mission has made him a great friend and confidant to our officers.  I take great comfort in having Chaplain Bob as a member of our law enforcement community and would recommend his services to anyone and everyone. He is worthy of honor, respect, support and our gratitude.”  — Sergeant, Police Department

“Today’s law enforcement officer are faced with many challenges that affect their on and off duty lives.  Paraclete provides opportunities to assist families, and those that serve their agencies with confidential assistance to lead them through the everyday demands and stressors of the occupation.”
Chief of Police, Steven Campbell

“Paraclete is one of the best ways to demonstrate our full devotion…”
“Bob Fesmire, through the financial support of contributors to Paraclete Arizona, is arming these fearless protectors with something just as important as the beans and bullets our governments provide.  By meeting them where they are at, and establishing an honest presence and relationship with them before trouble strikes, Bob is educating and reminding our heroes about the whole armor of God, His boundless love for all people, and the power and peace that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Bob’s passionate and tireless commitment to Arizona’s law enforcement heroes is critical for our increasingly dangerous and troubled world, and our support of Paraclete is one of the best ways to demonstrate our full devotion to the cause for which they daily stand.”  — Official, State Government

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