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Serving Those Who Protect

Chaplain services for Phoenix P.D. Law Enforcement and their families.

Why Chaplains Are Critical

The demands, expectations, and stresses have never been higher on our law enforcement professionals, their families, and the civilians that support them.

Lack of Resources

Resources for law enforcement and their family have never been less available, and in some cases, they just don’t exist.  Officers need resources such as professional services, life coaching, leadership training, and values reinforcement.

The Toll

Police Officers continue to face the highest statistics for Divorce, Suicide, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Stress-related illness, disease and disorders, and the quickly rising rate of Post Traumatic Stress.

The Threat

Police Officers are under constant threats to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Threats such as Death, Health Risks, Legal action, Negative Public Image, Isolationism, Disillusionment, Family conflict and Financial pressures.


Law Enforcement Professionals need a safe place to address professional, private, personal and spiritual issues without fear of repercussions. PARACLETE Chaplains enjoy the protection of the Clergy-Penitent Privilege, assuring the highest level of confidentiality.

Your support makes both an impact in their lives today, but one that carries through into eternity.

How Paraclete Served Last Year

Phone Conversations

Precinct, Uni, and Personal Visits

Critical Incident Call Outs

Squad Briefings

What We Do

Paraclete supports Phoenix Law Enforcement and their families through:

On Duty Presence

Fully trained Department Chaplains that are present and available.

Off Duty Support

Professional and Confidential Support and Service for the entire family.

Community Partnerships

Building effective bridges between Police, their Agencies, and the Community.

How You Can Make A Difference

Paraclete would not exist without the sacrifice of our partners.  Their generosity and support are what make it possible to serve Law Enforcement and their families.

1. Pray

Pray about how you can be involved in supporting those who sacrifice so much to protect us.

2. Donate

Give so that Phoenix Law Enforcement can have both their physical and spiritual needs met through the ministry of Paraclete.

3. Rest Assured

Know that through your sacrifice and giving you were able to make a significant impact in the lives of Law Enforcement and their families.

Bob Fesmire

Bob Fesmire

Founder and Executive Director

About Paraclete

After seeing the needs of Law Enforcement officers going unmet for too many years, Bob Fesmire founded Paraclete with the singular focus of supporting those who sacrifice so much to protect our community.

This passion comes from 25 years of Professional Pastoral leadership, plus over 20 years of volunteer service to Law Enforcement.

Paraclete is dedicated to making a real impact in the lives of Phoenix Law Enforcement and their families.